The Historian’s Daughter, by Rashida Murphy

A beautiful review of The Historian’s Daughter by the lovely Lisa Hill from ANZ lit lovers blog.

ANZ LitLovers LitBlog

the-historians-daughterRashida Murphy is another writer to add to my recent Authors from Western Australia post, and her debut novel, The Historian’s Daughter, comes recommended to me by one of my favourite authors, Amanda Curtin.

It’s an impressive debut.  More than a quest for identity, it is a vivid portrait of extended family life in India, and an homage to the freedom of life in Australia which allows for different kinds of family to emerge.

The story begins high in the Sahyadari hills in India, the decay of traditional ways signalled by damage to the environment:

The hills towered, range upon range, behind the house with too many windows and women.  These hills, with their memory of forest, of deodar, oak and pine, of rivers and waterfalls. The forests were long gone, along with deer and elephants and the men who hunted and were hunted.  Now, derelict trees shivered in the wind…

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2 responses to “The Historian’s Daughter, by Rashida Murphy

  1. A beautiful review for a beautiful writer…just wonderful xxx


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