The Historian’s Daughter

My publishers have just told me that The Historian’s Daughter is now featured on their website as a forthcoming title. This is tremendously exciting and is now starting to feel real. I will post updates and other book related news as it happens šŸ™‚

I’ll be speaking about my novel at the New Norcia Writers Festival in August. Meanwhile my face is beginning to crack with the smile I haven’t been able to wipe off since this afternoon šŸ™‚


22 responses to “The Historian’s Daughter

  1. Woo hoo! So excited for you, Rashida. Will be lining up to buy my signed copy. xx

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  2. Lucky Khubchandani

    Congratulations Rashida, what great news. Can’t wipe the smile of my face either. So happy for you! I always knew you had it in you. Will be lining up just behind Mindy to buy my signed copy too. Lots of love, Lucky

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  3. Bhaswati Ghosh

    Eagerly awaiting this book. Congratulations, Rashida!

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  4. Congratulations, Rashida! I’m so looking forward to holding a copy of your book in my hands. You’ve worked hard and deserve great things. We’ve followed each other’s journey for so long, and good things are happening, for both of us!

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  5. Dear Louise, thank you, and what excites me further is the potential I see writ between the lines! Good things happening for you šŸ™‚ Woo Hoo! All will be revealed in due course, I suppose?

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  6. Rashida, it is just so inspiring and wonderful that your beautiful work is being hailed and published and talked about! So fabulous. I, too, can’t wait to hold a copy of your book in my hot little hands. Enjoy this exciting time in your life and never ever stop smiling!


  7. Such wonderful news, Rashida, It does feel real now and I’m so excited for you. Please reserve a few copies for me to buy – all my friends will be getting a copy with their next birthday presents! Love, Louise xxx

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  8. Enjoy the ride, Rashida, and we will enjoy it along with you! x

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  9. Thank you Amanda. Yes, I’m beginning to enjoy this now šŸ™‚


  10. Thanks for stopping by, Rashida. And congrats on this lovely news!

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  11. Mallikka Israni

    Always knew you are the best, congratulations šŸ˜

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  12. Hello Rashida, I’ve just read and enjoyed your novel, and I reviewed it here: I hope you’re writing another one!


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