This is how we grieve


Lay your flag on my wall, their bodies, those streets

Baghdad. Beirut. Sydney. Paris.

Name the things that terrify you

Jihad. Sharia. Muslim. Refugee.

Inside cities crowded with impromptu shrines

Lay your flowers. Words. Tears. Prayers.

Cry quietly or howl with rage

Plead. Applaud. Dismiss. Condemn.

This is how we grieve.

15 responses to “This is how we grieve

  1. Thank you, Rashida – the more dire and urgent the world presented to us in headlines and soundbites – the more desperately we need the deeper, truer, words of the poet.

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  2. Moving words for moving times. Thank you, Brenda

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  3. Rashida, yes, it is hard to find words for times such as these…well said…xx

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  4. This piece really shows the power of words, Rashida. Your words are heart-breaking and breath-taking at the same time. They brought the wave of grief back. So-so beautiful….

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  5. Beautiful, Rashida. Thank you!

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  6. Beautiful, compassionate, honest. All the things the world needs right now. xx

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  7. Very pithy and strong words that seem to capture the essence of last Friday’s horror in Paris. Well done, Rashida. You always seem to find the right words. Love, Louise xx

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  8. Thank you Louise, much appreciated.


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