Australian Women’s Writer Challenge

New Year. New Year Resolution. What to do….Give up chocolate, exercise more and be nice to my husband… I thought about each of these and discarded them as being unachievable.

So instead  I have signed up for the Australian Women’s Writer Challenge. This means I must read at least 6 books and review 4 in 2015. The good thing about this is that I can scoff chocolate while sitting on the couch and instruct hubby to cook dinner while I read!

AWW 2015 badge

5 responses to “Australian Women’s Writer Challenge

  1. Your decision sounds like what an industrious (non-chocolate eating) person would do. Is there a reward? (a real reward I mean). I have to amdit I feel as if I did my fair share of proscribed reading, analysis and lit crit essays at Uni.


  2. Thanks Dixie. I’m not sure what you mean by a real reward? I love reading, so that’s its own reward.


  3. I love your NY resolution, Rashida 🙂 (I’m sparing a thought for Mike, but then I couldn’t imagine you NOT being nice to him!)


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